Greenhouse Construction

So after a few weeks of gathering supplies and buying tools and supplies we finally got started on the greenhouse construction today. We got all the baseboards put in and about as square as they are gonna get for this rookie builders first time. Anywho there are some pics below. Enjoy!

Some Pre-Spring 2010 Pics

This is the garden at wildlife art studio Sound of Wings. We will be installing a large hoop house here this year and selling some of our veggies at a few of the local farmer’s markets. We will probably be hitting American Countryside Farmers Market in Elkhart, IN and the Bensidoun French Market in Niles, MI. As well as a table at Trail’s End Sports in Vandalia MI.

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Researching hydroponics for winter veggie supply

Looking for the most cost effective setup for a smaller indoor space. It would be nice to have a fresh supply of tomatoes and peppers and maybe some herbs all winter long.

Premade hydroponic kits look pretty expensive and it would probably be a few years before I recover my costs. Trying to find some plans to build my own. Asheville has a pretty nice hydroponics store called Asheville Agricultural Systems, so I will be all set on supplies once I get rolling.

Let me know if you have any tips for keeping a steady supply of herbs and veggies all winter… and please don’t send me
this link
. I’ve seen it. ;)

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Starting the garlic bed today! Any hints or tips?

We are getting ready to start our garlic today. I found some of these tips online but I am not sure if there is anything I need to adjust due to my location in the mountains. Any hints would be welcome.

When planting garlic, choose a garden site that gets plenty of sun and where the soil is not too damp. The cloves should be planted individually, upright and about an inch (25 mm) under the surface. Plant the cloves about 4 inches (100 mm) apart. Rows should be about 18 inches (450 mm) apart.

It is traditional to plant garlic on the shortest day of the year. Whether this is for symbolic or practical reasons is unclear.

See the dedicated sowing page for advice on when to plant garlic.

Garlic is a very friendly plant and grows well planted with other flowers and vegetables. For more information on how to grow garlic with other plants, see the page on co-planting garlic.

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Pics from our most recent visit to Biltmore

These are pics from the Biltmore Kitchen Garden. Enjoy.

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New Blog and getting ready for fall garlic.

I got tired of all bugs on my last blog so I decided to go to a wordpress theme. Let me know if you want any of the articles from the old blog reposted. In the meantime this new blog will make it easier for me to blog a little more. BlogEngine.NET was a pain in the rear.

Anywho, we are getting ready to clear out one of the raised beds and make room for a fall garlic planting. I’ll keep you posted.